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The Legislative Palace

The Legislative Palace

The Legislative Palace was inaugurated in 1925 and it is one of the most impressive architectonic pieces of the Uruguay.

Here works at present the legislative power and the general assembly, jointly with the Senate and Chamber of Representatives.

The Legislative Palace is at the beginning of Libertador and General Flores. It is surrounded by a great garden, which counts on several statues that represent: The labor, the science, the law and the justice.

This great palace is completely lined in marble on the inside and part of its exterior, in fact, it has been estimated that the construction´s cost of this palace at the present time would be extremely high for the country.

Inside the Legislative Palace

Very luxurious and has a great library and different halls are opened to the general public, where the visitors will be able to walk and knowing this magnificent piece of architectonic art.

One of the most famous places of the Legislative Palace the Hall of the Lost Steps, where different acts of importance take place.

Some of them were the funeral of Juana of Ibarbourou, one of the most famous Uruguayan female writers and the funeral of the writer Mario Benedetti.

When a president takes over, the festivity caravan goes from the Legislative Palace to the ancient government house. 

In order to visit the Legislative Palace, tourists and foreigners must go from Monday to Friday from 10.30 to 15 hours, paying the amount of 3 U.S. Dollars per visitor.

Without a doubt a visit that you cannot miss, to one of the most important Uruguayan monuments. 

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