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Taranco´s Palace

Taranco´s Palace

The Taranco´s Palace is an ancient building located in the Old City of Montevideo, that hosts the Museum of Decorative Arts at present.

This house belonged to the Taranco´s family, and it was constructed in the first days of Montevideo. It is in an ample corner in the 376, 25 de Mayo Street, with the backyard located in front of the Zabala Plaza. This is a very quiet zone of the Old City, with little traffic. 

The Taranco´s Palace, a Museum itself

The attraction of this place is without a doubt its construction, a work of the French architects Girault and Chifflot, who overturned in this construction the best of the French architecture of the epoch.

It has a lot of rooms and available spaces, with expositions and permanent exhibitions of the house original furniture.

Furthermore, in the subsoil is exhibit a great stock of antiques, like Greek Latin Americans, Muslims, and in particular Iranian vessels and sculptures, thanks to particular donations.

The Taranco´s Palace formerly held the first theater of Montevideo. Its name he was Comedy House, in addition to have been the brothers Ortiz Taranco's residence, to whom owes the name.

Knowing the Taranco´s Palace implies doing a journey to one of the most attractive corners of the city, and a house with a great deal of story of and esthetic attraction.

It is one of the historic national monuments, which is why is great to be visited during the Patrimonial Day, or in the yearly event "Museums at night" that takes place in December.

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