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Plaza Matriz

Plaza Matriz

The Plaza Matriz is the city's most important plaza, one of the most ancient from the colonial epoch. Acquire bigger importance later, since it was here where the Constitution of the Republic was proclaimed in 1830.

He is acquainted like Matriz square but its official name is Plaza of the Constitution of the City of Montevideo.

In the colonial epoch it functioned as Plaza Mayor from 1726, under Spanish control. In the early history this plaza functioned as market, stage of festivities and military events, as well as bullfights arena.

The Matriz Square nowadays

At present, in the surroundings of the Matriz square takes place a fair of antiques every Saturday, with many selling positions and varied objects.

It is an attractive and lively place in the old quarter.

In the surroundings of the Matriz squeare there are several museums and key places in the montevidean city tour, such as the Gurvich Museum, the Town Council, The Holding Church and the Pasiva, center of typical foods.

Furthermore, there are different state-owned and cultural offices close to the Matriz squeare, as well as several restaurants.

It is an important tourist and commercial point, near to the Sarandí Pedestrian Walk.

One of the most attractive elements of this plaza is the central fountain, engraved with commemorative registrations of milestones of the Uruguayan History. This fountain was inaugurated in 1871, when the city drinkable water supply began to work.

Juan Ferrari was the Italian architect responsible for this marvelous ornament. It is one of the prettiest fountains of the city, which contains also a great symbolic load of history.

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