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Montevideo´s Gay Guide

Montevideo´s Gay Guide

Montevideo has potentiated in the last years as a gay friendly holiday resort, with different tourist proposals and different activities. 

In Montevideo there are several places to visit and spending outdoor quite a while, and a vivid nightlife to go party and lots of entertainment to stay awake with friends or to know new people.

Gay Friendly Events in Montevideo

Uruguay has several gay friendly events, like for instance, the month of diversity in September, which it is celebrated in Montevideo in very colored and diverse way, with several proposals.

Without a doubt the most important activity is The Parade of Diversity that takes place the last Friday of September and comprises the 18 de Julio Avenue between the Independence and Liberty Plazas. Such events, that it is constituted by a parade, get through with life music and a full party night in the gay friendly cabarets of Montevideo.

A good option to continue the party is Bar Cain, one of the more known and popular of the city. Cain is a gay disco hetero friendly, a place with a great variety of artists and proposals of life shows.

Another bar to have fun is Il Tempo, which opens from Wednesday to Sunday with a great variety of shows, options to eat and varied music to dance. Without doubt the best gay friendly disco to have fun with friends or to make new.

The gastronomic space does not stay back. “Francis ” is one of the restaurants more coveted of Montevideo that offers seafood, author's grill, Mediterranean dishes and sushi, among others, everything to enjoy in the Punta Carretas neighborhood .

Finally, Montevideo has also places of gay friendly lodge, like the first gay bed and breakfast of the department, called The Black Door BB, exclusively for men.

Also in the coast city is found "Our House Bed And Breakfast" guided to the gay community, with breakfast, swimming pool, garden and other services, which make their guests, feel at home.


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