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Independence Plaza

Independence Plaza

The Independence Plaza (Plaza Independencia) is a space located next to the Old City, in front of the Door of the Citadel, in the Juncal street.

It marks a division between the commercial part of the city in the downtown zone and the ancient part of Montevideo. Few meters away from the plaza the emblematic Solís Theater is located.

The Independence Plaza and the Montevideo center

Among the most important buildings that surround the plaza are the government house, the Victoria Plaza Hotel, the Rinaldi Palace and the Salvo Palace, the most representative buildings of the city.

The space was designed by the Italian architect Carlo Zucchi in 1937, when the idea of constructing a capable space to unite the Old City and what the New City appears.

The Plaza has green spaces and several fountains, as well lot of benches, so it is ideal to take a brief rest in a walk thought the Old City. 

Artigas's mausoleum

The element that stands out in The Plaza is a subterranean mausoleum that keeps the rests of the patriot José Gervasio Artigas. A great statue in the center of the plaza also paid tribute to the illustrious citizen.

The access to the mausoleum is through stairs. It is a monument that represents the figure of Artigas riding a horse, facing toward the central part of the city. It is a work of Angel Zanelli that dates of the year 1924, with a 17-meter extension.

The Independence Plaza is used occasionally for expositions and official events. 

The constant activity of the Independence Plaza is given by the daily passage of visitors, as much in the daytime as in the night, because is one of the access points to the old quarter.

It has a lot of transport routes, in addition to several hotels in the neighborhood. 

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