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Cultural Space "Al Pie de la Muralla"

Cultural Space "Al Pie de la Muralla"

"At the foot of the outer wall" is a cultural space inaugurated in the city in the year 2004, dedicated to the social and tourist promotion of the Montevideo´s patrimony.

It is located in the Bartolomé Mitre street 1464, in the Old City. There are elements of the ancient outer wall of Montevideo. It aims at recovering the historic national patrimony.

Owe the name to the place where it is located, where stones of the ancient outer wall of Montevideo were found, holds by wooden and iron beams.

The space is in a place where the Saint Peter's Gate was. That is a zone with a lot of history and the space recuperation has promoted different activities. 

Activities at the Cultural Space

In there theatrical and didactic spectacles takes place, and also activities related to seminars, workshops and book presentations. Workshops about art history, gardening, movie discussions, biodance also takes place, among others. There is also with a gift shop. 

The space has a library of its own, whose subject matter focuses on aspects of the patrimony of the city and the nation. 

There are artistic expositions and theatrical, plastic activities and literary workshops.

At the foot of the outer wall has become one of the most interesting alternatives for yearly events, such as de Patrimonial Day and Museums at night, which offers a journey directed by the most ancient spaces of the city for, named "From cube to cube", since it goes over the different cubes of the ancient fortification of Montevideo. 

Activities are free during "Museums at night", where also takes place musical reproductions of the colonial epoch. 

You may visit this cultural space from Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 16 hs, and Saturdays from 10 to 15 hs.



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