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Cerro's Fortress

Cerro's Fortress

The Cerro's Fortress is an indispensable place in the montevidean itinerary, since it is one of the main historic places as much of the city as of the region´s history.

This Fortress is a space that exists from the epoch of the Spanish domination, as well as the Saint Theresa´s Fortress and San Miguel´s Stronghold, that where built about the same epoch. 

In their origins, the Cerro's Fortress was destined to protect the lighthouse and of the port of the city from foreign attacks, but also he functioned as jail and lodge of military units, to become a Museum.

The attraction of this place is that it is in the higher point of the city, at other side of the Port of Montevideo, which is why it offers an impressive sight of Montevideo, one of his better postcards. 

The Cerro's Fortress Museum

The fortress is not only an attraction itself, but also a symbol of the Uruguayan history, for what it is worth the while to include it as a part of the city tour, even when it is a little far away from the city´s main attractions. 

It is located in the neighborhood that takes its name, Cerro of Montevideo. 

The Fortaleza General Artigas museum is inside the fortress,, and owes its name to the Uruguayan illustrious citizen.

The fortress became military museum in 1939, and ever since it has been opens to the public. It can be visited from Wednesday to Sundays, from 10:00 to 17 hs. The entrance is not free, although it is worth the while to know this space. 

The exhibition halls contain vestiges of wars and historic conquests. In the museum stockpile are included armaments collections and documents that reflect the whole Uruguayan history. 

We recommend you to take a city tour that includes the fortress, or the Tourist Bus, in order that you can get there in more comfortable and fast way.


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