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Artigas´s Mausoleum

The General Artigas's Mausoleum is an underground space at the Independence square of Montevideo, in front of the Salvo´s Palace and the Citadel Door.

It is a place devoted to the preservation of the remains of General Artigas, illustrious citizen of the Uruguay.

It is one of the most important visits upon a journey for the Uruguayan history, since José Artigas is one of the most important figures of the regional history, and it is considered the Foundation Father of Uruguay. 

This place is a space stripped of decorative elements, which exposes the urn that keeps the Artigas´s remains, and that it is watched by a permanent guard of honor of the "blandengues" (namby-pambies) soldiers. This regiment served under the Artiguas´s commands, and it is one of the elements that configure the mausoleum image.

This mausoleum was inaugurated in 1977, under the Uruguayan military dictatorship, and ever since contains the illustrious citizen's remains.

The Emblematic Figure of Artigas

The figure of Artigas was related to the fight for the conformation of a federative social and politic system in the Rio de La Plata River, and he is considered the father of the Oriental Fatherland, this is, Uruguay, country located at the oriental shore of the river. 

Above the mausoleum it is placed a statue that represents the figure of Artigas riding a horse, face toward the downtown.

The space of the mausoleum has a stair at both sides of the statue of the illustrious citizen. Inside the enclosure we found two namby-pambies that carry out the custody of the Artigas´s remains. The presence of these soldiers imposes a silence that does a special moment in contrast with the noise of the Independence square.

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