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Restaurante Dueto

Address: Bartolomé Mitre 1314 - Phone: 2915 3231

Dueto (Duet) is an urban restaurant created by two specialist friends in the gastronomic art. The restaurant is in the old quarter, right in the middle of the historic center of Montevideo.

It is characterized to have an international fusion gourmet cuisine, offering tasty dishes without loosing the gastronomic national flavor. It is an ideal restaurant for relaxed lunches or dines.

The restaurant Dueto is characterized by the excellent presentation of the dishes and the different week-to-week menus. You can enter the restaurant web site to check the updated menu per week.

Menus consist of 2 and 3 courses, been the prices between $385 and $425 approx. The prices at night suffer adjustments.

Inside its menu you will find:

  • Gramajo at the chef´s style
  • Grilled fish perfumed with fine herbs
  • Meat Tasting 

You will always find pastas, meats, fishes and other delights to enjoy.

The space is very distended, having a pleasant decoration with a vintage mixture.

The restaurant Dueto has been recognized by different local newspapers as a recommended place to eat well and having a good time. 

Do not forget to visit Dueto, because the service there will know how to delight you with an exquisite gourmet meal and a relaxed but sophisticated environment.


  • Mediterranea
  • Italian
  • Carnes


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