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Rara Avis

Address: Buenos Aires 652 - Phone: 2915 0330

The Rara Avis restaurant is a sophisticated place to go to eat, with a touch of theater.  Why? Because is decorated to resemble a theater. In fact it is split into the following rooms.

Rouge Saloon

It is a very elegant and sober room, where you will be able to enjoy a lunch or dinner with a fantastic environment. The room has a grand concert piano, which will make the environment even more charming.

Preludio Saloon

Located in the first level, is decorated in a rural style. It is an ideal place for business meetings and enjoying good taste.

Chivas Bar

It is located in the subsoil. This is the place for informal work meetings or to enjoy the executive menu. This space is informal and relaxed.

The Rara Avis is right next to the Solís Theater, one of the icons of the Uruguayan culture. 

As to the menu, it varies according to the selected saloon, but you will find the best gourmet food made of fish, red meat, pastas, risottos and more.

The prices also vary, but the dishes are ranged from $350 to $700.

The executive menu is offered from Monday to Friday at the Chivas Bar. Attention is personalized and without a doubt you will feel like a king: the service and the gourmet cooking are worth it.

Absolutely every gourmet food has a fantastic presentation, because Rara Avis chefs make an extra effort in being a delight for both sight and palate.

So if you want to give an agreeable dinner, we recommend you to visit Rara Avis. In no way you will be disappointed.


  • Mediterranea
  • Italian
  • Carnes
  • Asian
  • French
  • With cava


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