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Parrillada La Otra

Address: Tomas Diago 758

La Otra (The other one) is a good quality grill restaurant. This classical restaurant is in the Pocitos´s neighborhood, only 4 blocks away from the Boulevard of Pocitos. It is an excellent spot to enjoy a dinner or a working lunch.

The Barbecue La Otra is characterized by its first-rate cuts, where you will be able to enjoy a classic Uruguayan roasted beef in an environment totally relaxed and calm.

Specialty of the Barbecue La Otra

The restaurant menu specializes in barbecue and accompaniments. It is also a good place to enjoy Uruguayan wines. Without a doubt a place than no tourist, or Uruguayan, should omit if he wants to eat a classic Uruguayan roast.

The restaurant has a personalized attention, where will make you feel comfortable. Foreigners will had the menu in English and will be able to taste different parts of the barbecued beef, ideal to know more on the typical Uruguayan gourmet cooking.

The Barbecue La Otra has delivery service of it is open for both lunch and dinner. We recommend you the place, which is a simple place but pleasant, with an excellent position.


  • Carnes
  • With cava


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