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Oro del Rhin

Address: Convención y Colonia (and others)

Oro of the Rhin (The Rhin's gold) is a candy store and coffee shop of German origins, founded in 1927. At first, it was placed in a big house on the street Americus Vespucius and Millán.

At present, Oro of the Rhin has several locations, scattered all over Montevideo, due to its popularity and successful history.

It is a coffee shop that has the advantage, first, to be located in comfortable places with easy access of public, and second having always interesting and valuable proposals. For instances, at the subsidiary placed in the neighborhood of Pocitos (Bulevar Spain and Rambla) the coffee shop is combined with a bookstore in a joined project with the Yenny ´s bookstore. 

Oro of the Rhin also offers different services of bakery for events. Some subsidiaries has event rooms, with maximum capacity of 60 people. Oro of the Rhin also prepare catering for parties and social events. 

Two of their sites are placed in Montevideo downtown, one in the streets Cologne and Convención, and the other at the Libertad Plaza (in front of the Cagancha Plaza ) in the 18 de Julio street .

There is also another in the Punta Carretas Shopping, third floor, that opens from 10:00 to 23:00, although it does not work on Saturdays. 

A fourth franchise is in Pocitos, in the previously named bookstore, in Bulevar Spain corner Rambla. This site works every day. 

Oro of the Rhin : Typical German coffee shop

Oro of the Rhin is a classic of Montevideo to enjoy German´s candies, a meal and good coffee. All the sites offer a great variety of coffees and chocolates, as well as service of candy shop and sandwich bar.

It is one of the traditions of montevidean culture, easy accessible and with excellent service.


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