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La Fonde del Puertito

Address: Avda. Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera 113

La Fonda del Puertito (The Little Port Inn) is a restaurant located in the famous Puertito del Buceo (Diving's Little Port) and has an informal and comfortable environment; ideal to enjoy a lunch or dine with family or friends.

The restaurant has the typical native grill, with select cuts, fished, seafood and pastas; without a doubt a feast for every taste.

La Fonda del Puertito is divided in two sections, the restaurant on a side and the bar on the other, where you will be able to try a wine cellar with over 300 national and international brands of wines, to enjoy along or with the exquisite grill.

The restaurant organizes events, where proposed gourmet dishes are combined with specific wines. That event is highly recommended for those who love the good gourmet cooking and drinking and wants to explore new tastes.

The tourists will find their place here, since the menu is both in Spanish and English, and the service also talks Portuguese.

La Fonda del Puertito opens from Monday to Friday from 12 to 16 hours, Saturdays and Sundays from 11.30 to 16 hours. And at nights, it opens from 20 o'clock until closure.

Without any doubt a fantastic restaurant to have lunch or to dine, in a comfortable, classical and informal environment.


  • Mediterranea
  • Italian
  • Carnes
  • Sea
  • With cava


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