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La Casa Violeta

Address: Rambla Armenia 3667 - Phone: 2628 7626

Casa Violeta is a prestigious restaurant located in the boulevard of Buceo. It has a highlighted sight at the Buceo little port and it is, without any doubt, a fantastic environment for a romantic dinner.

The restaurant is sophisticated but relaxed at the same time, what gives you the possibility of enjoying a dinner in a lax environment.

Its gourmet dishes are made with cuts of Premium meat. It has meat tastings, ideal for the tourists that wish to try the famous Uruguayan barbecued beef and surf through the different cuts.

Casa Violeta also offers fish, seafood, pastas, different appetizers and authorship dishes, what turns this place into restaurant for all the palates.

The restaurant has a wine cellar of over 135 labels of national, Argentinean and Chilean wines. Unlosable for those who loves a good drink with an exquisite Tannat with premium cuts.

Casa Violeta works in Montevideo since 1993 and has been placed itself among the best restaurants of high-quality kitchen. At the same time as it works in a relaxed and affectionate environment.

In this space, business meetings, parties and all kind of events can become a success. It has a VIP room with 20 seats capacity, a bar for 35 people and the port room for 40 people.

Without any doubt Casa Violeta satisfies all guests with an excellent gastronomic proposal and an even better wine cellar.


  • Mediterranea
  • Italian
  • Carnes
  • Sea
  • Regional
  • With cava


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