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La Bottega

Address: Luis B. Cavia 2644 - Phone: 2708 7200

The Bottega is an very particular Italian restaurant. There you will not only find a fantastic gastronomic offer, but also Italian products for sale. It is some kind of pantry and restaurant space, following the Italian idea.

In fact Bottega in Italian means pantry

The Italian restaurant is located in the heart of Pocitos neighborhood, where you will be able to taste of an exquisite Italian gourmet food at reasonable prices.

The Bottega's menu is composed by:

  • Paninis
  • Salads
  • Pastas
  • Risottos
  • Italian wines
  • Uruguayan wines
  • Argentinian wines
  • Chilean wines
  • Italian grappas

Without a doubt a great place for those who loves the good drinking and the gourmet cooking. One of the more acclaimed dishes are pastas and antipasti, ideals to share with friends, enjoying a good wine.

The place is characterized by its peculiar store of quality products, where you will be able to acquire different canned goods, chacinados and exquisite Italian cheeses. Without any doubt a indispensable place for the gourmet cooking lovers.

It is a classical Italian restaurant in the heart of Pocitos. We can say that there are few restaurants in the city that are have the Italian spirit so present.

We wait that may visit this restaurant and other fantastic gastronomic places that Montevideo has to offer.


  • Mediterranea
  • Italian
  • Carnes
  • Sea
  • With cava


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