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Address: Av Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera 124 - Phone: 2622 2352

Located strategically in the Plaza of the World Trade Center, to scarce meters of the Montevideo Shopping, this restaurant is born from the passion for the gourmet cooking and the cultural convergence of the owners. The owners and chefs are the Spanish Ralph Florenza and the Brazilian Marina Moraes, which are also married.

In Gardenia you will find a restaurant that combines the professionalism of his owners with full knowledge of autochthonous dishes of their respective birthplaces and nurturing, added to adventure spirit and the love to travel. 

One of the first things noticeable when you enter in Gardenia is the environment and its structure, with a sober design that shines in temperance and modern and sophisticated concept. It was created thanks to the Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott, who stands out to international level with projects in various countries and cities of the first world such as Dubai.

With an exquisite illumination, the predominance of white and black colors, the calm and a refinement of the place transport the costumer elsewhere, and invite us to stay and come back.

Once comfortably installed, customers begin to be attended with affection and a kindness that he does not find anywhere, from the dreamy music to the most correct suggestions of food and drinks.

The gourmet cooking of Gardenia

Gardenia has a star dish which is the lamb trowel, something very well-known and familiar for Marina, because her father grows lambs in Brazil.

Without any doubt Gardenia is an excellent option to have a romantic dinner, a business meetings or just to eat with the family in an exquisite environment.

The menu keeps rotating according to the vision of the owners, but always respects affection, care and selection in the ingredients. Be sure that in Gardenia you will find excellent main courses, desserts, elegant drinks and a good wine recommendation.

Without any doubt it is a magic place to visit and taste a delicious gourmet food.


  • Mediterranea
  • Carnes
  • Sea
  • Regional
  • With cava


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