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Address: Peatonal Sarandí 460 - Phone: 2915 6107

It is a restaurant located in the Old Quarter of Montevideo, in the historic center of the city. It is a very small restaurant but with a very good gourmet cooking.

It is at Sarandí pedestrian walk, with a very well dissimulated entrance. There it finds the Estrecho (Narrow) restaurant, a very characteristic space to go to eat.

The dimensions are reduced, which is why it is ideal to eat during the labor lunch or making a fast but gourmet lunch.

The restaurant characterizes itself to have a bar lengthwise to the kitchen. While you have lunch you will be able to see how the different dishes are prepared. Everything is shown and prepared in front of your eyes.

The Estrecho restaurant has a daily menu, which can be made of: Fishing of the day, red meats, pastas and salads, to attract all the palates.

As to the prices, the average meal is around $250 the dish. The daily menu in general has 2-courses.

It is a restaurant to have in account if you are in the Sarandí pedestrian walk and wants to taste of American, French and fusion food.

It is a place different where you will enjoy a kind attention and delicious dishes.

As to the menu it is limited, since it is changed day by day, but it is an ideal place for working lunches or to go alone.


  • Carnes
  • Sea
  • French
  • Regional


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