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El Palenque

Address: Mercado del Puerto - Phone: 2917 0190

This restaurant is a need-to-visit place, both for local and foreign tourism, since 1958. It is located on the Pérez Castellano street, and had won by himself a distinguish place at the proposals of the Port Market of Montevideo. 

With the strong gastronomic traditions of Spanish and native cuisine, El Palanque blends two worlds and create an excellent culinary proposal for the dinner guests. 

Suggestions to taste at El Palanque

The ever-present and besides famous barbecue where exquisite cuts of lambs, pig and young bull with the accompaniment of vegetables, achuras and sausages that burn at sight, melts the palate of anyone. This is one of the most demanded proposals to satiating the appetite.

Besides due to the strong Mediterranean influence the pasta dishes are also ever-present, cooking pots, paellas and fish, all this accompanied of an excellent menu of appetizers and snacks. All of it combined with a wine cellar with over 250 wines and sommelier advices to accompanying and highlight tastes.

The place also offers different spaces prepared for all tastes and situations, in addition to WiFi and exclusive parking lot for customers. El Palanque has two floors with different environment and a VIP room with 14 seats for business dinners, familiar meetings or only to enjoy a bigger privacy and intimacy.

But not only Montevideo enjoys this excellent proposal. Since from 2002 the restaurant opened a franchise at Punta del Este, with a bigger place, thought to please the great tourist affluence that visits our paradise all year round.

All this added to a cared and renewed menu, according to the requirements the season. With good taste and mixes between the Mediterranean and what's autochthonous.


  • Mediterranea
  • Carnes
  • Sea
  • Regional
  • With cava


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