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Corchos Bistro and Wine Boutique

Address: 25 de Mayo 651 - Phone: 2917 2051

The restaurant Corchos Bistró and Wine Boutique is a special place to enjoy the gourmet cooking and the good drinking.

Located in the heart of the old quarter of Montevideo, it is a very pleasant place to enjoy a lunch or dinner.

The 3-courses menu hovers around the $400 Uruguayan pesos, and is elaborated with the best national ingredients. It is pure international cuisine, but without sacrificing the gastronomic style.

One of the showiest aspects of Corchos Bistró is the wine cellar. 

It is considered one of the biggest in Montevideo. The Wines Boutique has over 100 national brands.

And if you are fond of wine cellars, you can try a particular tasting session. This activity will allow you not only to savor excellent harvests but also to take part in a historic talk on Uruguay´s wine industry.

This place works as a workshop and supper, where you will be able to take part in talks on The Mesopotamia and Egypt and Greece and Rome winery. The participation costs around $850 pesos per dinner guest.

Corks and Bistró also has special discounts for Club Corchos members. For that, it becomes an infallible place for the good drinking lovers.

Saturdays are special at these place, since it has the "Sábados de Corchos" (Cork´s Saturday), where you will be able to lunch and also enjoy a magnificent tasting. 

On Saturdays, the restaurant works from 12 to 16 hours.

Do not forget to visit this place, if you want to enjoy the good drinking and of the exquisite international gourmet cooking. From the restaurant´s web site you will be able to make your reservation online, what we recommended to do in advance. Do not miss this fantastic proposal.


  • Mediterranea
  • Italian
  • Carnes
  • Sea
  • Vegetarian
  • Regional
  • With cava


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