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Bar FunFun

Address: Ciudadela 1229

Fun Fun is a typical bar of Montevideo and one of the most fascinating places of the Old Quarter. It is a symbol of Ciudad Vieja, and preserves vestiges of the montevidean history.

This bar was founded in 1895 by Augusto López at the Central Market, and since that date offers famous drinks, like the Uvita's cocktail.

It is near the Boulevard of Montevideo.

Fun Fun, a classic of the Tango in Montevideo

A lot of celebrities have been visited the Fun Fun. Therefore, in the bar´s history it is found the presentation of the mythical tango singer Carlos Gardel in 1933. The original counter where he tried the Uvita and on which he kept elbowed still is exhibited, among many historic photos.

At place you will find musical spectacles to enjoy the tango, one of the most important public demonstrations of the Uruguayan culture. Those takes place all week long but Tuesdays, and are conducted by different important Uruguayan artists, such as Lucho Martínez, Carlos Pecoy, Edid Abalos, Fabián Marquisio, and others.

A good way to be immerse at the montevidean culture.

Furthermore, the bar has a gastronomic proposal typical of the montevidean bars. Minutes, pizzas, snacks and different drinks re part of the proposal. The bar has outdoor tables.

Tangueria like the ones before

At Fun Fun the tango may be enjoyed as in few places of Montevideo, since it is one of the prettiest tangerias of the city.

The price is accessible and it is a pleasant place. And it is definitely, one of the best cultural proposals of Montevideo.

Fun Fun meets is located at the 1229 Ciudadela Street, in the Central Market (Juncal) close to the Solís Theater and the Montevideo Ramblas.


  • Pizzeria
  • Regional
  • With cava


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