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Yenny´s Bookstore

Yenny´s Bookstore

The Yenny´s Bookstore belongs to the ILHSA group, who has placed himself as the leader of book selling in Argentina, granting a great deal of backup and seriousness.

It has an internet site:, where you can look in an extensive data base, not only books, but of movies, music and pastimes in general.

Backed up strongly on a successful business model it is definitely a place that you can not forget to visit.

Yenny´s Bookstore Subsidiaries

In Montevideo are 2 subsidiaries in vantage points, one inside the Punta Carretas Shopping , located in the 3rd floor and the other is embedded in the corner of the Spain and the Peru Boulevard, in coparty with a famous candy shop, making a mixture difficult to refuse.

There you may access to forty thousand titles, seven thousand musical records and five thousand movies. All of that magically combined with a wonderfully menu to mix reading and gourmet cuisine.

Without doubts, any of the two subsidiaries are a pleasant and beautiful walk where there are more than enough motives to stay and have a great deal of goods to give as a present and to congratulate oneself.

Thanks to its diverse stock you can get from the last bestseller to technical or hard-to-get books, the pleasures of all the ages are contemplated and an insuperable quantity of goods for the young and the old.

Within its offer you can find books (obviously) as well as musical dvds, movies, TV series, music records, diaries, merchandising, games for various consoles and puzzles, making out of its visit an only pleasure for the senses and a place worth to return. 



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