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Useful data about Montevideo

Useful data about Montevideo

Montevideo is the Uruguayan capital and claims the 43 % of the country population.  It is the city where the state powers and the public entities are centered. 

The other most important cities at tourism level are: Punta del Este, Colonia and Las Termas.

The weather is tempered, with the stations very well differentiated. Summer begins in the month of December and it lingers to March, being January and February the strong months of tourism and beach. The average temperature is 30 degrees.

The days of cold begin in May, being June and July the more intense days of winter. The average temperature in these months is of 5, being able to get to 0 in the coldest days.

Everything Montevideo is surrounded by the coasts of the Rio de La Plata River, having the boulevard like one of the main attractions to enjoy the beaches or a long walk.

Useful data of Montevideo

Now we give you links and data of concern in order that you can have all the necessary information when traveling to Montevideo. 



Fire Department


Ambulance MSP


Carrasco´s Airport

2604 0386

Tres Cruces Bus Terminal

2409 7399

Assist Card

0800 8551

Republic of Uruguay Bank


Turistic Police

0800 8226


141 - 1919

Ministry of Turism


Consumer Rights

0800 7005


0800 5000



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