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Tourist Circuits in Montevideo

Tourist Circuits in Montevideo

Montevideo is a city with a great variety of activities and attractive places to visit. Here we present you a guideline of tourist circuits in Montevideo, in order that you can go sightsee and know more this city.

Journey to the Old Quarter (Ciudad Vieja)

Independence Plaza: The plaza is where the city old quarter begins and the downtown ends. You will be able to know the Mausoleum to José G. Artigas, where his remains are watched 24 hours by he's army: the Namby-pambies (los blandengues).

You will also be able to appreciate the Palace Salvo, one of the most emblematic buildings of Montevideo. It has guided tours inside.

You will finally be able to see the Citadel Door that dates from the colonial epoch of Montevideo.

Sarandí Pedestrian Walk: This pedestrian is surrounded by restaurants, stores and art galleries. It is a very pleasant walk with lots of activities to do. At the beginning of its trajectory is the Torres García Museum, that you will be able to go over and visiting its store.

The pedestrian also has a very pleasant craft fair. Saturdays are the best days to go over and buy souvenirs, since that day the fair goes bigger. At the Holding Plaza (Plaza Matriz) you will be able to visit a great antique fair.

Solís Theater: It is one of the most ancient and more beautiful theaters of the city. It has a unique architecture and a great decoration. There is always something good at the billboard and also holds temporary expositions. You will also be able to go over his store and his coffee shop. It is located in Buenos Aires and Citadel.

Montevideo´s Town council: Comes from the colonial epoch of Montevideo and at present functions as museum, where you will be able to admire epoch clothing, furniture, documents and more. It is located in Juan Carlos Gómez and Sarandí.

Holding plaza: This Plaza is located in the heart of the old quarter, and has a beautiful fountain from the colonial epoch. Saturdays holds an antique fair.

Taranco Palace: Museum of decorative arts, located in the ancient house of the Taranco´s family. It exhibits furniture and his decoration of the colonial epoch.  It is located in 25 de Mayo and Zabala.

Zabala Plaza: The plaza is in front of the Palacio Taranco and it is named in homage to the Montevideo founder.

Brazilian coffee: It is one of the cultural coffees of Montevideo, where the Bohemia attends. It is famous to be visited by the writer Eduardo Galeano, who was accompanied by Mario Benedetti.  In addition to this peculiar dinner guests, it has a very good menu, which will make your journey through the Old Quarter a really nice time. It is located in 25 de Mayo and 33.

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