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Tipp Translation and Interpretation

Tipp Translation and Interpretation

Today foreign languages are not a reason to limit our capacities. Furthermore with the help of Tipp Translation and Interpretation: a team of professionals apt to make translations from one language to another. 

In other words the Tipp Translation and Interpretation´s group dedicates itself for several years to lend services of correction, translation, and interpretation. Within their capabilities are articles, texts, documents and others, from and to any language. Everything is done to perfection, without possibility of errors between the versions. 

Translation Service in Uruguay

This translation service is offered to everyone within the Uruguay. Although the main office is located in Montevideo, Tipp Translation and Interpretation operates in different zones of the country. 

But Tipp Translation and Interpretation not only render services in Uruguay, but also to any other country. If you are not in Uruguay there is not trouble, you may request a service of translation or proofreading from the team virtual company offices. 

Just enter the web page and complete the fill-out contact form. Tipp Translation and Interpretation masters the following languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. If you need a text in another language, the right translator is located for the job that you want. 

There are no specific conditions for the documents to translate, it can be from a simple text to big movies, so we recommend you to get in touch with them and make the best deal.


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