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The Escondida

 The Escondida

Who said that in Montevideo there are no charming places? Discover The Escondida, a leather goods store located in the middle of the Old City. In this really comfortable place are exhibited crafts, pieces and unique products that only they can meet here. 

One of the best leather goods store in Montevideo

The Escondida is simply a house well decorated, full of a great variety of goods for sale. Each one of them enhances the culture and the Uruguayan style that is a tradition already. 

The Escondida makes himself known in the Uruguay and to all the foreign visitors demonstrating the artistic potential of the native culture and developing the economy of the locality.

In this the marvelous place you will be able to find a great deal of hats, woolen coats, caps, gloves, boots, belts, ponchos, ruanas, big and medium purses, belts, key rings, among other goods.

All available products in The Escondida are made of virgin wool, leather and other original materials. 

Designing Products

There is a great range of models and colors to take a pick. This is a perfect place to enjoy a couple of entertaining and beneficial hours admiring the ample option of accessories and products. 

The whole elaboration that they accomplish in The Escondida is a work of art. Each detail, each plaited, each combination is perfect.

This establishment is full of worthy products to admire and it is impossible that the visitor gets out of the store empty-handed  They all want something to carry a piece of Uruguay with them.  

While you are in journey for Ciudad Old, do not forget to go by this marvelous house. The Escondida is located in Plaza Zabala, Circunvalación Durango 375, Uruguay.  

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