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Public Bicycles in Montevideo

Public Bicycles in Montevideo

The Montevideo City Hall has installed 80 public bicycles, located in the old quarter. There are 8 stations in the zone that works from 7 to 20 hours, so you can pick or leave the bicycle at any of these stations.

The cost of the bicycle varies according to its time of use:

First half-hour is free

31 to 60 minutes $11 Uruguayan pesos

61 to 120 minutes $33 Uruguayan pesos

121 to 180 minutes $55 Uruguayan pesos

181 to 240 minutes $77 Uruguayan pesos

It is important to mention that these amounts must be paid using a STM card (card of public transportation), which is worth $110 Uruguayan pesos and from there the amounts will be deduced. . The tourists will be able to acquire these STM cards in hotels and hostels located in the Old City.

Bicycles are very lightweight and for the moment they can be picked only on stations alone the Old City, but there already are 8 new stations approved in different points of Montevideo that will start operating in a near future. For the moment you can use it to travel the entire city, but must been dropped at the old quarter´s stations. 

Stations are located at:

·         Solís Theater

·         Liniers and Reconquista

·         English Temple (Reconquista and Treinta y Tres)

·         Reconquista and Pérez Castellano

·         Maciel Hospital

·         Guaraní and Washington

·         Port´s Market (Piedras and Pérez Castellano)

·         Republic Bank (Zabala and Piedras)

·         North Citadel Terminal

·         Constitution Plaza



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