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Movie theaters in Montevideo

Movie theaters in Montevideo

Montevideo has a great variety of movie theaters. In fact, the city has one of the largest videotape libraries of Latin America, hosted in the Cinemateca movie theater, that exhibit mostly independent movies.

Whether you want to enjoy commercial movies or independent ones, we offer you a guideline of movie theaters in Montevideo.

Billboards of Movie Theater in Montevideo

Grupocine Ejido

Grupocine Punta Carretas

Address: Ejido 1377

Address: José Ellauri 350

Telephone: 29014242 – 29004730

Telephone: 27115287 - 27115288


Address: 18 de Julio 1710

Telephone: 24094989

Life Cinemas Punta Carretas

Address: Ellauri 350

Telephone: 27073037

Movie Montevideo

Movie Punta Carretas

Movie Carrasco

Movie Nuevo Centro Shopping

Address: Av. Luis A.Herrera 1290

Address: Ellauri 350

Address: Italia 5775

Address: Luis A. de Herrera 3365

Telephone: 29003900

Telephone: 29003900

Telephone: 29003900

Telephone: 29003900

Independent movies at Montevideo 

Cinemateca 18

Address: 18 de Julio 1286

Telephone: 29009056

Alianza Francesa

Address: 18 de Julio 1772

Telephone: 24086012

Cine Dodecá

Address: San Nicolás 1306

Telephone: 26000887

Complejo Sodre

Address: Mercedes y Florida

Telephone: 9155493


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