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Motels in Montevideo

Motels in Montevideo

Montevideo is a city with a large quantity of services, and of course Motels could not be left behind. Here we had compiled a list of the best motels in Montevideo, where you will be able to choose the variety and comfort that your romantic night needs.

The best Motels in Montevideo

El Edén: with theme rooms, each one decorated according how is named: China Town, Mon Amour, Shanghai and Loft Studio. All rooms have room service, frigobar, air conditioner and more. Located in Morelli 4002 esq. Larravide.

El séptimo Cielo: Located in the Dámaso Antonio Larrañaga and Robison Av., at the Pérez Castellano´s neighborhood. It is a hotel with lot of services and a decoration that arouse your senses.  It has 5 room types: Supreme Fantasy, Fantasy, Celestial Pleasure, Worldly Pleasure and Swinger. Within the offered services are gourmet cuisine, sex shop and air conditioner in all the rooms.

CopaCabana Hotel : A classical hotel in the middle of the city nightlife. It has numerous rooms, everyone very well decorated and with different subject matters. For those who prefer bigger comfort, the hotel has rooms with Jakuzzi. All rooms have private restroom, TV cable for adults, frigobar and service of parking lot. Located in Acosta and Lara 2336.

Goes Hotel:  Hotel near Montevideo downtown. Theme rooms such as: Thousand one night, The Jungle, Far West, Aphrodite and Louis XV. Hydromassage.  Among the services are breakfast, fast bar, wine cellar and a sex shop. Located in Goes 2178.

Moments Hotel: With a modern and exotic decoration, you will be able to choose between 4 room types: Common, special, Standard and Room and hydromassage. The night-time tariffs include breakfast. All rooms have TV cable for adults, air conditioner and garage. It is at Burgues Av.3101.

Orient Hotel: Located in Rondeau 1808, close to the center of Montevideo, with theme rooms with different decorations. In everyone mirrors predominate. It has rooms with hydromassage, air conditioner and TV cable for adults. 

Bella Vista Hotel: With 37 rooms with different decoration, divided in Intermediate, Superior and Hydromassage Bonus.  All rooms have air conditioner, frigobar, coffee shop 24 hours, hydromassage, room service and sex shop. The hotel is at Antonio Machado 2080.

Marivent: With theme rooms, rooms with hydromassage, swinger room, air conditioner and a sex shop. The most cost-reducing prices of this list. Located in Cipriano Miró 2969.

Viña del Mar: Rooms very well decorated, some of them with hydromassage. All rooms have air conditioner, TV cable and frigobar. It is located in Gobernador Viana 2879.


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