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Montevideo Gay Friendly

Montevideo Gay Friendly

Uruguay welcomes thousands of tourists per year from any country or region. Lots of people want to come to know about those marvelous Uruguayan spaces that promise adventures and unforgettable experiences.

And Montevideo is without a doubt one of the more visited zones, because its great variety of boardinghouse places, the variety of entertainments, interesting sites, restaurants and more. 

All tourists are welcome at Montevideo

That's why we want to give an undiscriminating welcome to all members of the LGBT community without exception. Same as families and groups of friends that come to enjoy the Uruguayan territory, everyone has the right to live one of the best life experiences while they travel to Uruguay. 

Everything turned out well after a group of merchants and entrepreneurs expose the gay acceptance in the Uruguayan tourism theme to the Montevideo Tourism Board. They succeed in the effort of offering to the LGBT visitors an affectionate welcome and arrange all to make them feel accepted, so they can enjoy without limits of all the adventure that is Uruguay. 

Gay Tourism in Montevideo

In addition to all this it is important than the whole community LGBT know of the best sites. There is a great variety of places to go and have a good time. In Montevideo any of the community LGBT will be able to visit Gay Friendly restaurants, as well as Gay Friendly boardinghouses to access to saunas, bars, discotheques and other interesting spaces to seek for insuperable moments. 

All these gay spaces are safe, reliable and recommended, it is worth the while to give a turn for Montevideo. 

Mentioning is worth that in Montevideo the gay marriage is possible, as well as the change of identity for the transgender people.


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