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Foods of Uruguay

Foods of Uruguay

A part of a country´s culture and tradition can be known through its gourmet cuisine, Uruguay is not the exception, because their foods origin are as varied as the foreigners that settled down on this land. 

Uruguay has a personal and unique identity, because even when the Mediterranean culinary heritage was brought by the immigrants, all recipes has been transformed, changing the ingredients or the way of preparing them.

Uruguayan Typical Dishes 

An Uruguayan typical dish is the chivito a  tender- meat sandwich with mayonnaise, hard boiled egg, cooked ham, mozzarella cheese, red sweet pepper, tomato, lettuce and olives, although each one can choose their preferred ingredients. Often it comes accompanied by French fries, but other garnishment can be chosen according to what the eater desires. 

In addition, we have the barbecued beef, typical Uruguayan food and excuse to meet with family or friends, that involves different meat cuts roasted in the oven or grill was. Without doubts, a must -eat food for each tourist that visits us.

Another typical foods and related to the rainy days are the fritters, that can be tasted in various street stalls or local craft fairs. These cakes are basically made with flour, fat, water and salt and then fried in fat or oil, to make them lighter.

Generally they are eaten alone, but also some people prefer to sprinkle them with sugar, or be eaten with another traditional dish, the curd. It is elaborated with milk, sugar and vanilla flavoring, giving it a unique taste, indescribable by words.

Pastas are widely eaten, with a long Italian inheritance that have left its culinary footprint. Pizzas have also an important role in the Uruguayan gourmet cooking.

The Spanish legacy is also reflected by seafood, paellas and fish based dishes.

The pasties can not either be forgotten on the Uruguayan table: stuffed mass with different ingredients. 

Without a doubt, you can not forget to try the typical cuisine during your stay in Uruguay.

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