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Desfile de Llamadas

Desfile de Llamadas

The Parade of Calls (Desfile de Llamadas) is without any doubt the maximum expression of the afro descendant culture of our country. It happens during the Carnival, in the month of February, around a week after the inaugural parade.

This festivity takes the name of the popular belief that through the sound of the small drum the dancers are called to join to the festivity and dance.  

The Desfile de Llamadas takes place on the streets of the Southern Neighborhood and Palermo, neighborhoods of great tradition in the Afro Uruguayan culture. The famous tenement houses of the Mediomundo and the Ansina formerly met there.

At present, in the parade performs around 40 retinues of to 150 members. Those are regulated according to the official contest of the Carnival.

The Desfile de Llamadas: Party in full color

Previous to the parade and during the festivity, the whole neighborhood moves about it. The streets are decorated and prepared to accommodate lots of people. Neighbors rent their balconies to act as loges in order to have a better sight of the display. Not only that the sight is commercialized: Hosts often offers drinks and foods.

Each retinue or association of lubolos, (word that means whites colored as blacks) should have the typical characters of the candombe: The gramillero, the old big mammas and broom makers. From the decade of the 40s, the figure of the vedette was added, who steals the looks cause of the provocative clothing and the sensual dance.

Of course, the festival has to have the drums cord that invites with their sound. Everybody dance to the rhythm of the chico, the repique, the piano and also of the bombo.

The parade has an assistance of 100,000 people, plus the 5000 that acts in the different associations. Its journey covers almost 2 kilometers in length. These characteristics make the Desfile de Llamadas a big party painted in colors, history and rhythm.

No one escapes to the rhythm of the drums, even the tourists that attend for the first time have to dance. If you are in Montevideo, it is a spectacle that you should not lose.

However, we recommended you to acquire the tickets with anticipation, since they become exhausted in the first days of selling. They could be acquired at the Abitab sites.


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