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The neighborhood of Carrasco is one of the most attractive zones of Montevideo that emerged at the beginning of the XXth century. It was specifically designed as residential area.

Carrasco has among its attractions an emblematic place that is the Hotel Casino Carrasco. It was the first important construction of the area build in 1912. All the planning was made by French architects, like other buildings of the city. 

In 1915 it became to be property of the departmental municipality, which continued the work, and ever since it has became one of the places more visited by the upper classes.

Attractions at Carrasco 

After having closed its doors to the public, the Hotel Carrasco was reopened in March 2013 again. 

Carrasco has also lot of green spaces that makes it more attractive, and it is a pretty moved place in the city, since it has a great deal of restaurants that offer a varied, either typical gourmet uruguayan cuisine or not. 

Carrasco is a commercial place in addition to be a safe neighborhood. It is inhabited by the middle and upper class of Uruguay. It is a place that offers gratuitously the possibility to admire a deluxe architecture, since it is a spectacular zone of Montevideo, a historic neighborhood with buildings of great artistic and esthetic value. 

Another of attractions comes from the Stella Maris Church, constructed in 1918, on the basis of the architect Rafael Ruano's blueprints. It is located in front of the hotel on the Rostand Street. The church is one of the buildings that form the esthetic value of Carrasco, surrounded of gardens. 

On the other hand, the zone has a lot of hotels. Already in North Carrasco, the Portones Shopping can be accessed. At last, one of the most ordinary walks in Carrasco is the beach, one of the most visited of the city.

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