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Bus at Montevideo

Bus at Montevideo

Montevideo is a very small city, very well connected and with lots of bus lines.

Traveling inside Montevideo does not prove to be difficult, since an average trip is not longer than 30 minutes and going over from one side to the city to the other takes about 1 hour at most by bus. But in order that you have a complete guide we are going to leave you an instruction manual of how to travel by bus in Montevideo.

Traveling by Bus inside Montevideo

You have a lot of lines of mass transportation available, which are:

Cutcsa: with urban services and also inter urban with journeys from Montevideo to La Plata. Its customer service telephone number is 19333 and you may find the schedules and bus stops online from

 Come: It is a transporting cooperative effort, characterized by a green-colored fleet. It travels also to suburban areas. Their web site i:

 Coetc: It travels inside Montevideo and close zones like Las Piedras and Sauce.  For more information visit

Ucot: It travels mainly in the urban areas, but also to Sauce and Canelones. For further information:

If you need to know how to go from one side of the city to another by bus, we recommend you to use the following tool:

Traveling by bus outside Montevideo

Ad hoc, Montevideo has two terminals. The Tres Cruces bus terminal has journeys to all the uruguayan provinces, since it has buses traveling to the 18 remaining departments. During the summer season, journeys to Punta del Este and Rocha are every hour. To check schedules, prices and destinies, you should access the Tres Cruces web site:

If you want to travel to Costa de Oro, Canelones or Pando we recommend you to go to the Rio Branco bus terminal, located in Rio Branco and Galicia. There you will find transportation every hour, heading mostly to the Canelones's coast.

We hope that this guide has been helpful to know the different bus at Montevideo.



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