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Airport of Montevideo

Airport of Montevideo

Carrasco's Airport is the country's main airport and it is located in the Maldonado and Canelones limit. It has flights from and to everywhere of the world and it has been recently renewed, being now a modern airport with all the services.

The airport is on the Route 101 km 19,950, around 20 kilometers away from the Montevideo center. It has regular mass transportation services and it is very easy to get there.

The airport has a 45,000-m2 surface, with 8 boarding gates and 3 baggage tapes. The new airport operates 3 times as much passage than the ancient terminal. 

You will be able to find there VIP room, gourmet cuisine, duty-free shop and all that is necessary while you wait for your flight.

Flying times to Montevideo

This is a list of flying times between Montevideo and different cities of the world. Times are approximated and depend on the scales.


14 hs 25´


12 hs 10´


9 hs

Nueva  York



14 hs


14 hs 30´

Tel Aviv

18 hs

Rio de Janeiro

4 hs

Sao  Paulo

3 hs

Porto Alegre

1 hs 30´

La Paz

5 hs


2 hs 30´

Santiago de Chile

3 hs

Buenos Aires



How to get to the Carrasco´s Airport 

It can arrive by taxi (Tel: 141 - 1919) with a delay of 45 minutes from the Montevideo center. Other means of transportation are by remis (leasing car with driver) or by public omnibus. These are the companies that go to the airport.

Airport Taxis: Tel.: 22604, 0323

Omnibus: Copsa Tel.: 1975 / COT Tel.: 2600,3195 /Cutcsa Tel.: 2204,0000



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