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Ukelele Hostel

Address: Maldonado 1183

The Ukulele hostel is away from what's traditional. Is the perfect mixture between rest and hostel, placed in an ancient big house and decorated as the 20´s, what makes this hostel unique and classy.

The hostel is in Barrio Sur, a centrical neighborhood where you will be able to enjoy the Uruguayan Candombe, at few block from the 18 de Julio main avenue. A little further away, it is located the old quarter of Montevideo, the historic center of the city where you will be able to visit museums, typical restaurant and more.

Services at the Ukulele Hostel 

One of the characteristics of this Hostel is the fantastic swimming pool, being the Ukelele the only Hostel in Montevideo with this comfort.

Within the Services offered by Ukelele stands out:

  • 24-hour Reception
  • Complete Kitchen
  • Swimming pool
  • Big rooms
  • Bar
  • Lockers
  • Bed sheets
  • WiFi and computers
  • Checkroom
  • Laundry
  • Bicycle rental
  • Common areas with TV, DVD and Xbox
  • Catering
  • Music Room
  • Books

The rooms are private or shared, the last ones with 4 to 12 beds. Prices are according to the services and location. 

Without doubts a fantastic option for the travelers that look for tranquility and pleasant surroundings and wants to enjoy Montevideo.

Ukulele comfort stands out from the rest of hostels since it aims at a elderly public, that searches for more, but in exchange of an accessible price.


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