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El Séptimo Cielo

Address: Robinson 3372

Montevideo is a city that never stops to surprise, with charming places to know, where fun is always guaranteed.

For married couples, nothing is better than lighting the fire in a luxurious motel, with all the requirements to spend an unforgettable night.

Between the most prominent, the Motel El Séptimo Cielo is a dreamt place located in the Pérez Castellano quarter.

Services at the Motel Séptimo Cielo

The establishment offers a variety of services to assure to your night will be magical. The rooms are unequally decorated with great taste and imagination. Special rooms are offered, with suggestive names such as Supreme Fantasy (Fantasía Suprema), Heavenly Pleasure (Placer Celestial) or Worldly Peasure (Placer Terrenal).

In addition to an excellent gourmet service, the Séptimo Cielo has a sex shop and environments that will wake all the senses, air-conditioned, frigobar with snacks and drinks, television, heating and a delicious breakfast brought every morning to the rooms.

This modern and intimate Montevideo motel ensures the privacy of its guests, having a system that minimizes contact between the costumer and the staff. Check in at the reception is made by phone, the room selection is on a touch screen, and the same screen offers information and guidance to the room.

 The Motel Séptimo Cielo has 38 rooms; some of them are located inside the area of Worldly Pleasure, other ones in Celestial Pleasure, Fantasy, Supreme Fantasy and Swingers.

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