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Che Lagarto Hostel Montevideo

Address: Colonia 2063

The Che Largarto has a hostel in Montevideo. It is located downtown, three blocks away from the Tres Cruces bus terminal and one from the main avenue 18 de Julio.

This is a distended but modern hostel, very well decorated. Without a doubt a hostel for the traveler who seeks for a amusing place to lodge, but, at the same time, with good service.

Che Lagarto Hostel has 2 types of bedrooms: private (Ideal for couples or friends that wish to have a little more privacy. Like a hotel, with private bathroom, but cheaper) and shared. Those has different capacities and are ideal for the travelers how seeks for friends to share adventures.

The hostel gives on the following services:

Computers with internet

Cable TV 




Hot water 24 hours per day

Room cleaning

Cook he completes

Tourist information

Towels, only available on private rooms

The breakfast is included in the room price. The hostel provides a healthy breakfast with yogurt, cereals, juices, toasts, the famous Uruguayan curd, bread, among other appetizers.

Che Lagarto is a hostel chain with franchises in several countries. In Uruguay it has two hostels, one in Colonia and this one in Montevideo. It is ideal for friends that want to enjoy the day near by the Montevideo center.





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