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Casa Sarandi Guesthouse

Address: Buenos Aires 558

Sarandí Guesthouse is a very peculiar boutique hotel. With three rooms and a loft floor, the hotel guaranties a good rest with all the comforts.

This hotel has an up-to-the-minute and chic decoration. Each room has a decorative theme: Mermaids, Masks and Dunes.

Each decoration is sea related, since their names are given by the breakwater Sarandí, a place nearby the hotel that you must visit. Each one has a private bathroom.

The hotel has two common areas: a fully-equipped kitchen and a dining room for guests. Therefore, the lodgers may use this spaces and enjoying the hotel as it were an apartment.

Regarding to the previously mentioned loft, it is a fully-equipped floor, with living room, kitchen and bedroom.

It is a 75 square metes floor, a really big space for four people. Without a doubt an option for the people that want shelter in a comfortable place, in a modern and elegant environment.

Services at the Casa Sarandí Guesthouse:

  • Dinner-living room with balcony
  • Maid and cleaning service
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • WiFi

The Casa Sarandí Guesthouse is an excellent option for the travelers that want to have a quiet space close to the Montevideo center. It is located in the old quarter (Ciudad Vieja) and few blocks away from the 18 de Julio Avenue.

We hope that this alternative proposal of lodge be of your please, surrounded by the top-quality services of Montevideo.


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