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Zorrilla de San Martin´s Museum

Zorrilla de San Martin´s Museum

The Zorrilla de San Martin´s Museum is a space in the zone of Punta Carretas, in Montevideo, that works in the former summer house of the Uruguayan writer Zorrilla de San Martin.

This great man was called the Country Poet, since he has written the poem "Tabaré" epic of the Uruguayan people, as well as "The homeland legend". 

This space is located in the 96 José Luis Zorrilla de San Martin street. The house itself is a work of art, based on the drawings of José Luis Zorrilla, one of the most important sculptors of Uruguay.

Collections at Zorrilla de San Martin´s Museum

The museum contains belongings and documents of the poet. The visitor to this museum may also appreciate furniture, belongings and the documents that express what Zorrilla's life was.

It is important to bear in mind that in this museum also host other expositions, like the ones of the Uruguayan artist Ignacio Iturria. 

The Museum aims, besides, to exhibit other transitory artistic expositions, as well as conferences to all audiences.

It is one of the places worth knowing in Montevideo for its great cultural value and the contribution of the Zorrilla de San Martin´s family to the Uruguayan fine arts.

Furthermore, this places that can be visited for free. The visiting hours are from Monday to Saturdays from 13:00 to 18:00 hs. The museum offers guided tours.

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