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The Town Council

The Town Council

The Town Council of Montevideo is located in front of the Holding Plaza, on the street Juan Carlos Gómez. It is one of the most emblematic buildings of the Old City, together with the Fructuoso Rivera´s house, the Holding Church, or the Taranco Palace– Museum of Decorative Arts. 

Constructed in the XIXth century, this emblem of the history of the Uruguay was the lifework of Tomás Toribius. In this place the first Constitution was sworn and hosted the Legislative Power and Courts Of Law. 

Like the case of others emblematic buildings, it has a neoclassical style, and a façade with Ionic and Doric columns. 

The Town Council rooms are destined to exhibit materials and archives, as well as library and conference hall. There they take place technical, administrative, maintenance activities. It is a historic monument of the nation and the Municipality's historic Museum, since 1959.

The Town Council is orientated to the public at large, and is in charge of teachers for informative and didactic talks. For information about the museum and the collection there is advice in the same building. 

Collection at the Town Council of Montevideo

There the visitor can observe maps, coins, clothes, furniture, porcelains, pictures and weapons of epoch. There is also a stockpile of historic key documents of the Uruguayan history, as well as minutes of the most important resolutory instances.

The patrimony is permanent, as well as the XVIIIth centuries and XIX furniture. Furthermore, there are temporary expositions every month, cultural activities and seminaries or symposiums. 

An advantage of this visit is that it is free admission from Tuesday to Friday and Sunday of 12 to 17 hours. On Saturdays it can be visited from 11:30 to 16:30 hours.


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