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The Figari Museum

The Figari Museum

The Figari Museum is located in Juan Carlos Gómez street 1427, in the Old City of Montevideo. It is an institution destined to the diffusion of different works that come from state-owned and acquired collections for the sake of forming a cultural wealth, as it is the case of works that come from the Historic National Museum, assignees in the year 2010. 

The Museum of Visual Arts also has given up some works, so they are in permanent exposition until his lapse of loan is concluded.

Figari Museum Collection 

The museum also exhibits particular collections, as well as a library file, documents, books, photos and specific masterpieces. It is focused also into spread out the thought of the Uruguayan painter Peter Figari.

His contributions to culture and the Uruguayan thought are vast in different areas, such as pedagogy, the Creation of the Technical School, in the last century that drifted in the present-day technical University. 

The space designated to this museum functions also as home for cultural events of different types, workshops, lectures and seminaries destined to the transmission of the pedagogic production.

Figari´s Work 

In the first stage of the museum there is a permanent exhibition hall and a library. A selection of works of Peter Figari in permanent exhibition is located in the main hall, and it consists in cardboards and a cloth produced by Figari in Buenos Aires from 1923 to 1933. Works such as The Day of the threshing, In the Pampa, Old Cottege or Fantasy are included in this collection. 

The Figari´s work reflects different aspects of the Uruguayan culture, and this is one of the reasons why he deserves to be known. Mainly it highlights the world of the candombe and the traditional dances, like ballroom dancing, or in the field. 

The museum works from Tuesday to Friday from 13 to 18 and Saturdays from 10 to 14 hs.



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