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Soccer in Uruguay

Soccer in Uruguay

In Uruguay it breathes soccer; there are so many technical managers as inhabitants, at least it is a typical saying in Uruguay that reveals the soccer culture.

Soccer is the sport par excellence in our country and the more popular. It is one of the cultural issues that define us as Uruguayans in the world.

The Uruguayan soccer is organized by the Uruguayan Association of Soccer in the masculine and feminine branches. It contains around 42 clubs at a national scale, most of them in the capital city.

The passion of the Uruguayan soccer

The importance of soccer in our country is revealed in our 16 first class division teams, a fact not minor when it is compared with countries like Spain, England and Germany that have 20, 20 and 18 respectively. They may have a bigger extension and a much more numerous population than the Uruguayan, which only has 3 million people.

When we talks about Uruguayan soccer there are 2 big teams and historic rivals, The Soccer National Club and the Peñarol's Athletic Club, that added have won 8 Libertador´s Cups and 6 Intercontinental Cups.

Soccer has his Museum in Uruguay

The Uruguay has a Museum dedicated to soccer, placed below the Olympic tribune of the Centennial Stadium. Only of that nature in the world, it has been declared by the FIFA as Historic Monument of Soccer in the year 1983.

It is pertinent to stand out that the soccer in Uruguay is not a sport but of a way of life that looks reflected in different artistic expressions like plastic arts, painting and music.

Our country has been historically seedbed from big stars at international level like Enzo Francescoli and the Chino Recoba. Several soccer players that have been it integrate the National Team shine now in the European soccer, such as  Edinson Cavani, Luis Suárez and Diego Forlán.


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