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Salvo´s Palace

Salvo´s Palace

The Salvo´s Palace is one of the historic buildings of the city of Montevideo. Form an emblematic corner of the old quarter: it is the beginning of the 18 de Julio avenue, just in front of the Independence plaza. This plaza is the most visited one of the Old City.

The Salvo´s Palace was built in 1928, with a classical neo-romantic style, from the hand of the Italian architect Mario Palanti. 

This building is also notorious since it was for a long time the tallest building of South America, with around one hundred meters of height. Today is considered one of the symbols of Montevideo.

The Salvo´s Palace, an emblematic building of the city

It is surrounded by state-owned offices, and several gastronomic and commercial spaces, that characterize the 18 de Julio Street where it is placed. 

In building itself are located trade offices and residential spaces. The main attraction is without doubt the city view that offers its tower. The entrance is free and it is used by lots of visitors to take panoramic photos of the Old City and the Montevideo downtown. 

This building was designed by the same architect that dreamt up the construction of the Barolo´s Palace in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Both buildings have a similar structure, and they are symbols of both cities. They are twin buildings for the similitude of their structures.

In Montevideo, the Salvo´s Palace was built to act as hotel, with large halls and residential rooms, but it objective changed later to the present-day one. 

If you are in Montevideo, it is a monument to visit. Its architecture and style will take you back to another epoch.


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