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National Comedy

National Comedy

The National Comedy is an Institution in charge of the Management of Montevideo that was created in 1947. The theatrical cast is of purely national extraction, with a high quality of performance that has been maintained during the passing of the years. 

In the national Comedy has been presented big spectacles of permanent and invited actors, who have given life to the best repertoires of the high exponents of Uruguayan Literature and of the world. 

High-quality Theater in Montevideo

This Institution is at the present time the only theatrical public cast that exists in the Uruguay with 30 actors with different formations and professional careers.

The directors are leaders in hiring actors of the independent scene, theatrical directors, costume designers, scenography and lights, choreographers, music composers for theater, authors, translators, makeup assistants, theatrical hairdressers and other craftsmen of the scenic arts in the country, contributing to the expansion of the theatrical occupations that are considered like a work that deserves to be made perfect and preserved in all their areas. 

In a beginning, the National Comedy he had as objective keeping and developing the dramatic work of the Uruguayan actors, but with to pass of time, inasmuch as quality evidenced its capacities, the Institution assumes the challenge of divulging the best texts of classical authors of the universal dramatic art, as well as the new high-quality texts of any latitude of the world. 

In this way it creates a diverse staging, where the cast interprets universal master pieces with the identity, the diversity and the universality that characterizes the scenic arts of the Uruguay Theater. 

The National Comedy has been rewarded in several opportunities, has made tours in America and Europe and has put in scene its works in different parts of the Uruguayan territory, including the different neighborhoods of Montevideo. The repertoire that offer includes different publics: Schoolchild, university students, teachers, population in situation of disability like deaf persons, with reduced hearing, blinds; and spectators in zones with needs of social inclusion like the destitute or without resources. 

The recently deceased China Zorrilla has been part of the National Comedy, just like big actresses like Jorge Bolani, Estela Medina, among other Uruguayan successes.

The stage of the National Comedy is the Teatro Solís and the Zavala Muníz hall. You can acquire the tickets in the same theater Solís, or by NET UTS.

The box-office schedules are Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 to 22 hours.


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