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Museums at Montevideo

Museums at Montevideo

Montevideo is a city full of culture and with a great deal of museums, expositions and art galleries to share with the tourists.

That's why we have developed a guideline with the Museums that may want to visit during your stay in the city.

What to visit in Montevideo

Museum of the Andes: It is a museum consecrated to the memory of the atrocious event that happened on 1972, when an aircraft crashed in the Andes. Here a group of Uruguayans had survived almost 3 months in inhuman conditions. In this museum you will be able to know history, observing objects and testimonies. Address Rincón 619, Old City.

Museum of Fine Arts John Emmanuel Blanes: Located in a fantastic big house in the neighborhood of El Prado, it finds the national museum of fine arts. You will be able to know the work of one of the best Uruguayan painters: John Emmanuel Blanes. The complex has also other art expositions and a great library. In its outskirts you will be able to walk into a park surrounded by statues and an small but fantastic Japanese garden. Address AV. Millán 4015.

The Gaucho and Coin's Museum: If you want to know the history of the Uruguay, this museum is a mandatory visit. In the center of Montevideo, it has an exposition of the Uruguayan gaucho traditions. There is also a numismatic display of the Uruguayan coins collection. Address: Av. July 18, 998.

Museum Towers García: Located in the early Old City, it is the contemporary art gallery of Torres García. You will be able to know his work here and enjoying the art store, where you will be able to acquire memories and books referred to the theme. Address Pedestrian Sarandí 683.

Soccer´s Museum: If you are fond of this sport, without any doubt you should visit the soccer's museum. It is in the prestigious Centennial Stadium. You will be able to go over the history of the Uruguayan soccer here and also seeing historic regional objects. Address: Centennial Stadium, Olympic tribune.

Museum of the Carnival: The longer carnival of the world takes place in Uruguay. Therefore, it also has a museum. You will be able to know the history, the different artistic expressions, the suits and all what is referred to this event. Address: Boulevard August 25, 1825, Old City.

 We expect that you may enjoy these museums and that way knowing more of the Uruguayan culture.


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