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Museum of the Migrations

Museum of the Migrations

The Cultural Complex "Open Outer Wall" is a new project in Montevideo that consists of a historic, anthropological and cultural museum located in the Old City of Montevideo.

It is destined to transmit knowledge about the migratory phenomenon, with proposals destined to implicate migrants’ communities. 

It is located in Bartolomé Mitre 1550 and opens from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 hs.

Knowing the Cultural Complex "Open Outer Wall"

The Cultural Complex is formed by the Open Outer Wall, an ample space where lays the archeological remains of the ancient Montevideo fortifications, with an ample part of the ancient colonial outer wall.

Another component of this complex is the project City Museum, a building under construction that aims at exposing archives about history and formation of the city. It is an interesting place to know a little more of the Uruguayan history, of Montevideo and about one of the most influential phenomena in the Uruguayan culture. This is one of the reasons why it is considerate historic national Monument. 

The project is integrated, besides, by the Museum of the Migrations, to explain and spread out the migratory phenomenon, as well as contributing to the conformation and assessment of the cultural and specific patrimony of the migrant communities. What's interesting about this project is that it enables the knowledge interchange about the phenomenon of migration. 

The Complex offers visits coordinated and directed by its different spaces. 

The event "Museums at night" that happen in December offers the possibility of knowing the Museum of the Migrations (Mumi) in an unconventional schedule.

It is a nice moment to get to know the project.


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