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Museum of the Andes

Museum of the Andes

This museum keeps the memory of one of the most shocking events of the XXth century, the fall of the Fairchild 227 airplane.

It crashed in October of the 72´with 45 passengers aboard. 29 people died in the crash of 16 managed to survive, suffering several penuries in the Andes Mountains for almost 2 months and a half. Without any doubt this is one of the most spectacular cases of human survival that the world has lived.

Exhibition at the Museum of the Andes

The exhibition is paced on an ancient big house located close to the Holding Plaza. It shows the time line that narrates the events that the unfortunate Uruguayans had to pass during this time.

You will also be able to observe original papers, attire, objects and the starred airplane remains. Without any doubt it is a sample that reveals what happened and that tries to wake up to the values of solidarity that Uruguayans had to take to be able to go out of the tragedy.

The museum has a space for the children (elders of 12 years), where they will be able to know the history, narrated in a proper way that really reflects what happened. Even though children under 12 years may attend the museum, it is extremely advisable that parents prepared them previously.

Activities at the Museum of the Andes

The museum has cultural activities that are renewed every month. That's why we invite you to check the Museum Facebook´s page to get an update of the activities: See Activities at the Museum of the Andes.

In order to visit the museum you have to go to Rincón 619. It works from Monday to Saturday, from 10 to 17 hours. Guided tours available for groups. For more information call 2916,9461.

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