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Italia Fausta Theater Company

Italia Fausta Theater Company

The Italia Fausta Theater Company was founded in1988 as a group of artistic expression formed by Uruguayan actors with great histrionic qualities. 

Italia Fausta is an Independent troupe of the Uruguayan Federation of Theaters. At present time they administer the Anglo Theater, place from where the company presents their well-known theatrical events. 

Main stars of Italia Fausta

Three of the pillars of the Italia Fausta Theater Company are Petru Valensky, Marcelo Galli and Omar Varela. They have put the best comedies on the stage, characterized in many instances for the magic of gallows humor. This is indelible seal that has characterized this company from its foundation. 

In 1988 the actor Fernando Gabriel Enciso Balparda, more known with the stage name of Petru Valensky, inaugurated as leading man the spectacle “Who fears Italia Fausta? “. This Brazilian dramatic work of the besteirol style was directed by Omar Valera and written for Miguel Magno and Ricardo de Almeida. 

This dramatic work would become the insignia and name of the Theater Company, created in the same year. It was staged uninterruptedly since 1988 to the year 2003, attaining not only the record of longer permanence in the billboard but also the dramatic work seen by over 320,000 spectators in the Austral country. 

In 2013 they commemorated the 25 years of the premiere. In order to celebrate the date, the company accomplished several functions with sold-out localities. In 1989 Petru Valensky was awarded by the Association of Art Critics of the United States as the best Foreign Actor in Miami. 

Italia Fausta's Spectacles

The troupe Italy Fausta has staged musicals, Brazilian theater and theatrical co-productions with the The Galpón Theater. Foreign actors have gotten invited to their scenario and the company has interpreted classical works, but always taking care of their humoristic seal of identity. 

The theater is in San Jose 1426 and the box-office hours are from Monday to Friday, from 14 to 20 hours.



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