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The Greetingman is one of the constructions that do not go by unnoticed in the Boulevard of Diving (Rambla del Buceo) It is an immense sculpture donated by the Republic of Korea to the Uruguay, and it stands out so much for the dimensions of the structure as for the sky-blue intense color.

From the hands of Yoo Young-ho, it manifests the absence of the prejudices through the blue color of the six-meter man. 

The great blue man is one of the biggest attractions of the Boulevard, although his bigger value is being a sort of radio receiver that he gets up with a greeting at the Oriental way. 

The Greetingman's greeting is not only expressed in the position of giant-sized sculpture, but it invites others to exercise the greeting like a family practice, materializing this idea on a plate at its feet. 

Greetingman comes from the other side of the world

The Greetingman is an sculpture that represents a masculine body of giant-sized dimensions, that introduces himself on a plate that saids: “I am Greetingman, I came from the Republic of Korea that is located in the opposed side of the Earth, in relation to Uruguay”.

The Korean greeting is accompanied by the apology to the greeting and to social connections. 

It is a outdoor walk in the Republic of Korea space, in front of the Boulevard of the Diving, where you may find the Uruguayan Yacht Club, one of the must attracting spaces in Montevideo.

The Greetingman is a monument worth visiting that welcomes all.


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