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Circular theater

Circular theater

From the hand of the theater director Eduardo Malet was born the idea of creating a theatrical group that would work in the decade of the 40 in the subsoil of the Atheneum of Montevideo. 

Malet was inspired on the system of circular stage, originating in Italy and put in scene in Dallas, Texas. At the epoch he faced against the classical front dramatics that respected the named "fourth wall” that separated the stage from the orchestra stalls. 

One of the few Circular Theaters of the world

The invention, considered by some critics as a snobbish tendency that did not contribute to the revolution of the scenic arts, became a great staging. In the Basement of the street Rondeau it has shown from 1954 the best works of art that have deserved to be listed by foreign experts like one of the most beautiful circular theaters of the world. 

One of the big proofs of permanence of the Surround Theater of Montevideo took place during the military dictatorship from 1973 to 1984. Back then the Institution won to pulse spaces that allowed putting on the stage a repertoire that turned it into the bastion of resistance. 

On the development of this company various directors, actors and technicians have participated. With their contributions they have increased the prestige of this line of independent theater that couples to the general principles of the Uruguayan Federation of Independent Theaters – FUTI. The circular Theater is a pillar of the Montevideo´s Theater for its originality, militancy and artistic contribution to the country. 

The Circular Theater Billboard

At the present time, the company presents plays for every audience, including children´s plays. Special programming in different seasons during the year includes the presentation of puppets and infantile plays, that delight boys and adults equally. 

The circular theater has its own crew of first-class actors. It also present invited stars.

The box-office schedule is from Tuesday to Sunday, from 18.00 to 22.00 hours. The theater is located in Av. Rondeau 1388. 

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